Pls. vote for Roxanne: Sen. Dick Durbin is giving away campaign $$$...

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The last time I voted, Roxanne was in 2nd place but way behind 1st place to candidate Elaine Marshall (NC).

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I just spoke to a Durbin staffer. The contest is likely to continue for another week. He couldn't reveal the amount of $$$ being awarded to the winner because it is still being raised by the campaign.  They will not post a “results” page, as I requested, because they do not want to discourage candidate voting if a particular candidate is way ahead.

Vote here: 

This is critical because:



Conlin has raised far more money than any other challenger Grassley's ever had, but she would be in a stronger financial position if she hadn't decided early on not to take PAC money. Grassley's cash on hand advantage will allow him to saturate this state with television ads for the final months of the campaign. Conlin will be able to advertise statewide but for fewer weeks and probably at a lower intensity. She will also have to rely more on a ground game than Grassley.


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Senate health bill has public option, no thanks to Obama

Good news, part 1: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced yesterday that the health care bill he’ll bring up on the Senate floor will have a public health insurance option. That means opponents of the public option will have to try to strip out the measure with amendments on the Senate floor. They don’t have 60 votes to do that.

Good news, part 2: at yesterday’s press conference, Reid “definitively stated that a trigger bill wouldn’t get a [Congressional Budget Office] score – effectively taking it off the table as a legislative option.” The insurance industry and its allies in Congress, including Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, have pushed the “trigger” idea because it would virtually guarantee that the public option would never go into effect.

Bad news, part 1: Reid’s compromise would allow states to opt out of the public health insurance option, and limits participation in the public plan in many other ways too.

Bad news, part 2: At crunch time, President Barack Obama did nothing to help progressives fighting to strengthen the health care bill. On the contrary, he urged Reid to drop the public option in favor of a “trigger.”

More thoughts on that betrayal are after the jump.

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