# Dumspter Diving

Freegan Cookoff Coming Soon

(After dmd mentioned that whole competition thing, this is what I came up with. Crossposted in part, from La Vida Locavore.)

 I had kind of a wild thought the other day.

In the course of “Collecting Donations” for the local Catholic Worker and Food Not Bombs folks, I know where to get my hands on some pretty upscale food.

I see that they have like these Chef competition reality shows all over the durned TV. With that kind of competition in mind…

How much fun would it be to dumpster up some food from some of the more bougie places, and assign “contestants” the task of coming up with a “gourmet” menu based only on what you can scrounge from a dumpster?

I have a pretty decent solar oven that folks could cook with, and if you did this as a fundraiser, charging folks per plate? Sliding scale, of course.

There is this groovy little neighborhood park right down the street from here where folks from all walks of life pass by, I think I might honestly give this a try.

And what better way to educate folks to food waste and the Freegan lifestyle? And where else are mainstream folks going to get a chance to mingle with the homeless on a social level?

And I just found an online text of one of my favorite essays of all time, entitled Dumpster Diving. Check it out, Lars Eighner's writing in this is sublime.