Change is coming

Barack Obama is preparing to quickly reverse up to 200 executive orders issued by George W. Bush.

He will also take a step toward returning this country to a law-governed state by closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Democratic leaders in the Senate are going to reduce the number of Republican seats on key committees.

But don’t worry, Republicans, it won’t be this bad. (Click the link for a funny video that doesn’t want to embed here for some reason.)

Seriously, though, we won’t see radical change from the next administration. Obama’s not even trying to punish Joe Lieberman, who actively campaigned for the Republican ticket and repeated their talking points.

UPDATE: In case anyone doubts that Obama has a mandate for changing our direction, a Gallup poll that was in the field between November 6 and November 8 showed 70 percent have a favorable opinion of Obama, while 25 percent have an unfavorable opinion. 65 percent of respondents are confident in Obama’s ability to be a good president, 28 percent do not have confidence in his ability, and 7 percent have no opinion. The same poll showed George W. Bush’s approval rating at 27 percent and disapproval rating at 66 percent.

Keep in mind that no president since Nixon ever had disapproval numbers above 60 percent. Multiple polls have shown Bush in this range.

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