Federation for American Immigration Reform Defending Racist Foundation

Once again, a Beltway anti-immigrant group has chosen to make a brief appearance in Iowa to inject their brand of nativism into the American body politic.

Four years ago, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) was responsible for ads which WHO-TV called “unnecessarily inflaming and borderline racist.” FAIR was met by widespread community condemnation. And yet, they’re back. This time, FAIR is importing radio talk hosts to poison the airwaves.

The Center for New Community’s Building Democracy Initiative explores the latest desperate attacks by the nativist group the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in a new article, The Federation for American Immigration Reform Defends the Pioneer Fund.

The article examines the latest attempt by FAIR President Dan Stein to gloss over FAIR’s relationships to white supremacist groups in a December 14 web posting, and discusses how Stein’s ploy may have just made the situation for his organization a whole lot worse.

The article is available here.


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Iowa Leaders Condemn Anti-immigrant Group's Talk Radio Plans for Christmas Week

DES MOINES, IOWA—Iowa leaders today condemned upcoming radio shows planned by the anti-immigrant Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and urged the nation instead to embrace American values of unity, equality, and opportunity.

FAIR, the group responsible for stirring up nativist sentiment across the country, will import twenty-two radio talk hosts into Des Moines from across the country December 27and 28 to conduct the radio shows, based out of the downtown Marriott.

“We will not stand quietly by as FAIR pushes its divisive and intolerant message from Iowa,” said Alicia Claypool, Chair of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.  “It is a dangerous message—one aimed at taking the immigration debate to the extreme in a manner that threatens our core American values.  FAIR’s approach to this issue is nothing less than poisonous.”

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