# Future Predictions

In a _____ White House...

I've been leafing through The Undecided Voter's Guide to the Next President by Mark Halpernin, and I wanted to share part of that book with you. The most interesting aspect of the book, I think, are the predictions he makes about what the major candidates' time in the White House might look like. To lighten things up, I'll share some of those with you and throw in my own. Please contribute your own predictions!

In a Barack Obama White House:

More young people would feel connected to politics and as a result, more would focus on politics and/or community activism–at least in the short term.

Close attention would be paid to his cabinet nominees, in response to concerns about his experience. The press will also scrutinize how many minorities he appoints to leadership positions.

Obama would enjoy at least a six month to a year press corps honeymoon.

There will be great media interest in any trips he takes abroad.

Michelle Obama will face a choice between being a West Wing first lady (a la Hillary Clinton), or a more reserved East Wing first lady (a la Jackie Kennedy). No matter her choice, women across the country will likely emulate her stylish appearance and habits.

As the youngest presidential children since Caroline and John Kennedy, the Obama daughters would provide adorable photo ops throughout the year. 

Chicago would instantly become the American “it” city. Its fashion, architecture, neighborhoods and foods would be in vogue like no time since the days of Al Capone. This is even more true if they are awarded the 2016 Olympics to boot.

International opinion will be almost unanimously positive. World leaders will scramble for photo ops with the young, energetic U.S. President.

The search will be on for the Republican party to find and groom an energetic, young, popular candidate to run in 2012.

There will likely be at least one attempt on his life within his first term in office.

Since the Obamas are not incredibly wealthy, they would likely utilize Camp David as their primary presidential getaway.


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