A person I once knew

I get so frustrated when people start saying things like:  “I wasn't raised to take a handout.”   and  “We don't want to be like European countries and get something for nothing.”  etc. 

A woman I went to high school with posted on a face book account of a friend (to me, instead of sending it to me) “I do not want to be a European country.  I have no insurance.  But I pay my medical bills by myself,. I wasn't raised to take a handout.  I was raised to pay my own way. I don't want health insurance crammed down my throat.  I do not want something for nothing like all the welfare people.  ”  I could have reamed her out,  but out of respect for our friend. I didn't. 

I may be a Social Democrat,  I lean far left.  That right there explains a lot about me and my views.  (or Democratic Socialist, whichever is farthest left, lol).  I have a job.  I pay my way.  I have hospital health insurance which is excellent.  I am willing to pay more in taxes,  more in insurance costs so that everyone that cannot afford it will be covered, and not worry about their health and illnesses.  I can pay more in social security taxes so that social security gets closer to solvent.  I do not mind paying a bit more in taxes every year. 

My town has a deal where everyone in town pays additional property taxes so that every child in the public school system has no fees for books, lockers, uniforms, etc.  Its only about 17 dollars a year on my property tax bill.  I don't have children in school.  The elderly in this town do not have children in school.  We all willingly pay this so children have the advantage of sports, music, book fees, lock fees, uniforms, etc.  And not one person in this town minds doing this. 

 I just do not understand why everyone thinks we are asking for handouts,  something for nothing, free stuff .  I understand I will pay more.  But as a citizen of this country,  it is my privilege and responsibility to pay a little extra so everyone has the advantages that they need to be healthy.  What is so difficult for the right to understand.

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