# Iowa's Oddball

Steve King? Has anyone seen Congressman Steve King?

No matter if you are a Republican, A Democrat, a Libertarian, or a member of the Objectivist Party, members of congress are voted into office by roughly 700,000 constituents and paid a very handsome salary to vote on legislation for the people they represent, thus the term “Representative”.

Now, very few people agree exactly on politics, or fall exactly in the same portion of the Right-Left sphere, therefore there is a need for compromise, and a need for tolerance.

However their is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for simply not showing up.

Steve King has missed 39 votes in the past congressional cycle, here are a few…


9/17/08 Vote 601: H R 6842: National Capital Security and Safety Act
8/1/08 Vote 563: H R 6599: Military Construction and Veterans Affairs
6/25/08 Vote 455: H R 6275: Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008
6/11/08 Vote 400: H R 6003: Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act


Vote 142: H RES 991: Recognizing the Exceptional Sacrifice of the 69th Infantry Regiment, Known As the Fighting 69th, in Support of the Global War on Terror




Vote 61: H RES 966: Honoring African-American Inventors, Past and Present, for Their Leadership, Courage, and Significant Contributions to Our National Competitiveness


8/2/07 Vote 816: H R 3161: Making Appropriations for Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Programs for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2008, and for Other Purposes.


7/24/07 Vote 714: H R 3074: Departments of Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fy 2008

I can only conclude from this that Rep. King just doesn't give a damn about National security, veterans affairs, tax relief, African-Americans, the military, agriculture, rural development, or urban development

This should be enough to make any of Mr. King's constituents horribly angry, And if the recent polling numbers coming out of District 5 are any indication, it may be enough for them to vote him out.