# Jill Biden

A few links on Jill Biden's campaign swing through Iowa

Here’s a good brief summary of Jill Biden’s public events in Iowa on Friday and Saturday.

Christie Vilsack and about a dozen educators appeared alongside Biden in Mason City, where education was the main topic for discussion.

Then Biden visited Iowa Falls and the Iowa Veterans’ Home in Marshalltown, where she emphasized that ending the war and bringing the troops home would allow the U.S. to spend more on programs for veterans and the homeless.

She ended the day on Friday by speaking to a packed house in Waterloo.

Biden held a Saturday morning event in Independence and ended her tour in Dubuque, where Joe Biden had many strong supporters dating back to his previous presidential bid.

Since Iowa is not looking particularly competitive, we may have seen the last of Barack Obama before November. I still recommend getting out to rallies or town-hall meetings if a surrogate swings through your town. These are important for keeping supporters energized as well as for generating local news coverage of the campaign.