# Jim Cramer

Cramer v. Stewart

I'll own it, I'm a big Daily Show fan.  Jon Stewart has seen me through some tough times these past few years.  After a hard days work dealing with the consequences of being an activist, [FBI surveillance, named on terrorist watch lists, months of incarceration] and that just for speaking out about stuff, it's been nice to be able to just kick back and get my “news” from America's most trusted name in fake news.

Sadly, that all changed for me last Thursday night.  Sure, my folks lost a bunch of money out of their retirement stuff. My daughter had a morgage with Countrywide and ended up sleeping in her car for a couple of months after they foreclosed on her. And now, I'm having a really hard time picking up any part time work.  I'm as upset about the whole corporate greed thing as anybody.

Be that as it may, the last thing I want to see on the Daily Show is real news. I don't need that shit.  If I wanted real news, I would turn on the real news.  I want fake news, news in small doses edited with a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit.

I guess I don't blame Jon at all, he did what he felt he had to do.  I have to put the blame on Jim Cramer.  He wanted to use this self-induced “feud” with Jon Stewart for purposes of self promotion.  

What I simply can't believe is that Jim Cramer is so far removed from the pulse of real America, that he thought he could get away with being “cute” about being a Wall Street pundit at this point. 

 I've seen where folks have compared Jon's interviewing style with Cramer to an old school Mike Wallace face-off.  For me, it looked more like an Edward R. Murrow moment.

I'm going to miss my old Jon Stewart, he was a really fun and witty guy, the guy who helped define an era of my life. But now, I can never look at him the same, not after squirming in my seat for the twenty minutes of that interview.  

As for Jim Cramer? Maybe if the folks at CNBC and the other so-called “Mainstream” networks had stuck to the REAL news, my beloved Jon Stewart wouldn't have had to go there.