# Lurita Doan

General Services Administration chief exits the stage

Remember Lurita Doan, the chief of the General Services Administration whose misconduct was uncovered last spring during hearings convened by the House Government Reform Committee?

I learned from this editorial in the New York Times that she finally got the axe:

It has been 11 months since investigators found that Lurita Doan, chief of the General Services Administration, violated the Hatch Act’s ban on politicking on the job, asking her staff how they could “help our candidates.” This week, the White House finally got around to ousting Ms. Doan from the government’s principal agency for awarding rich contracts in goods and services.

The White House blandly praised Ms. Doan as it pushed her out. There was no mention, of course, of gross misbehavior when she suggested turning her agency into a patronage clubhouse. Nor was there mention of the fact that her call to the aid of the party came during a briefing for top G.S.A. managers – organized by the White House and delivered by a Karl Rove political operative – on targeted Democratic politicians.

TPMmuckraker provides much more background on her misconduct and her firing (which did not include any admission of wrongdoing).

Take a trip down memory lane and watch Congressman Bruce Braley’s hilarious questioning of Doan from March 2007:

That has to be one of the highlights of Braley’s first term.

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