# Palin

The Palin Bump!!!!

There has been a large bump!!!!


Alaska went from weak to strong Republican
While Indiana went from Weak Republican to Barely Republican and South Dakota went from barely Republican to barely democrat giving Obama a total of 301 putting him past the 300 mark for the first time in months…

The day after the Palin speech, MN and IA went from weak to strong Dem and Ohio went over to the Democrats side too.

McCain now holds a margin of 5% or less in ND, MT, FL, IN, NC, with a tie in VA and…your not going to believe this… a 8% lead in his home state of Arizona!

His Home state is now classified as “Weak Republican”!!


But Dont rest on your laurels fellow dems… We need boots on the ground, and we need donations. Lets keep this going and send McBush home!


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