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Crumbling foundations: Davenport's struggle with governance and integrity

Photo of Davenport City Hall is by Farragutful, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Alexandra Dermody is a Davenport-based Gen Z community advocate, nonprofit director, and small business owner.

As a lifelong Davenport resident, Gen Z business owner, nonprofit director, activist, and queer woman with a deep vested interest in the future of my community, I am deeply concerned about the state of my city’s governance. Recent events, including the tragic collapse of The Davenport apartment building last May, the contentious city council dynamics, and questionable financial decisions, have cast a shadow over our city’s leadership and particularly Mayor Mike Matson’s administration.

The collapse of The Davenport, resulting in loss of lives and severe injuries, exposed glaring failures in our city’s inspection and oversight systems. It’s disheartening that the city’s investigation into this catastrophe failed to address its own role and responsibilities in preventing such a disaster. This lack of introspection and accountability is a glaring omission, reflecting a concerning lack of transparency in our city government.

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