Busy day

Thanks to all of our visitors yesterday.  To the best of my knowledge it was one of Bleeding Heartland’s busiest days ever as we gathered over 2,000 visits and over 3,300 page views.

Now that the caucuses over, it doesn’t mean we’re finished here with insightful content.  We’ll be shifting back to covering Iowa politics, still with an eye on the presidential race.  Iowa is bound to be a swing-state again this fall (but with the turnout numbers from the caucuses in tow, I think Democrats will pull out the win).

We’ve got a lot of coverage that will likely cover the new legislative session as well as Sen. Tom Harkin’s re-election race, and all of the drama and intrigue surrounding Iowa’s House races.  One race we’ll likely be keeping a close eye on is the  emerging IA-03 primary race between incumbent Democrat Leonard Boswell and former state representative and gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon.

This is Iowa’s community blog for liberals, Democrats, progressives, and whatever else you wanna call yourselves.  Join up, post your thoughts in comments and diaries, and help strengthen the netroots in Iowa.

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