Hillary Gets Her Apology War On

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It sounds like Camp Hillary has slipped into attack mode, projecting her own inabilities to offer up an apology for her vote to authorize war in Iraq.

Wherever she goes, she’s perpetually dogged by voters, calling for her to admit she made a mistake, take responsibility for her actions, and offer up an apology to the American people. In Nevada today, all her other rivals called upon her to do so, but Hillary has drawn a political line in the sand saying she won’t apologize.

So Hillary wants Obama to apologize for comments made by one of his supporters, yet she’s not willing to apologize for relinquishing her senatorial powers to declare war. Her vote surrendered her constitutional responsibility to maintain Congress’s role for declaring war, sacrificing the checks-and-balances protections in the process. As a voter in Iowa, I’m more concerned about seeing Hillary disavow her role in helping lay the groundwork for the Iraq War and all of her subsequent comments regarding this action than I am about Obama disavowing a supporter’s remarks. If Obama had to apologize for every personal attack on Hillary coming from somebody who happens to support his candidacy, he’d have no time left to campaign on what’s actually important.

P.S. I’m not sorry for any of the aforementioned comments.

T.M. Lindsey

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  • I've said it before and I'll say it again

    Hillary will finish no better than fourth in Iowa.

    At this point I think the nominee is more likely to be Edwards or Obama than Hillary.

    Her campaign strategy is not going to wear well with voters.

    Whether she apologizes or admits her war vote was a mistake is irrelevant to me. I don’t think she’d be a particularly good president (too much DLC for me, and several of the other candidates this year are strong). I think she would be a terrible drag on the down-ticket races. She’s got all of her husband’s liabilities (would unite the Republicans) without his strengths (she is a poor communicator and is a northeast senator rather than a southern governor).

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want to vote for her in a Democratic primary. As a woman, I would like to see a woman president someday, but I’d rather wait until we have a really great woman candidate (like maybe Sebelius or Napolitano).

  • Unimpressive

    I watched all of the speeches from Nevada yesterday and thought that of all the candidates Hillary Clinton was the least impressive. She seems to do a lot of yelling in her delivery. Again, there was a lot of “I….I…I…” just as there was in her speech to the DNC. She didn’t so much answer the questions as side step them. It was also noted that she skipped out on the post speech interview sessions.

    Even though she got the most enthusiastic welcome, the applause had diminished noticeably on her departure. Some of the comments from attendees described her as “weak” and “disappointing”.

    John Edwards seemed to be the best received overall, followed by Bill Richardson. You have to take into account Edwards’ union connections and Richardson being from the west, but even with that…Hillary Clinton was an also ran in this outing.

    It’s a long way until January, but I already see signs of support for Hillary falling away to Obama.

  • Lindsey, I knew I liked the cutt of your jib..

    What you say is totally right on!

    These candidates are going to implode with their own self-centerdness. Obama has this incredible machine of PR that is just spewing out emails, and Hilary has this whole, “we don’t need to go into details,” thing going on.

    By the way, thanks for making the meaning of the word apology clear to the rest of us non-English teaching bloggers.