Dave Loebsack on Iraq from DFA training

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Dave Loebsack spoke over lunch at the DFA training in Cedar Rapids today.  Loebsack was very well recieved and thanked the group of activists that helped him get elected in the 2nd district.  Loebsack talked a lot about the Iraq War and the funding bill that was passed yesterday in the US House.

Loebsack said that he is proud of being a member of the House that passed this bill and that it was an accomplishment.  The bill puts in more funding for the military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that the troops are equipped.  Loebsack said the bill isn’t exactly what he wanted, but it is a good accomplishment.  Loebsack campaigned for withdrawing troops in 12 months.  This bill does that in 18 months.

Loebsack quoted a recent blog post by David Sirota that quoted Saul Alinsky.  Loebsack said, “start from where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it to be.” 

This bill reaches the goal of bringing our troops out of harms way.  It might not be as fast as we would like, but the goal is accomplished. Loebsack then stressed that we keep the pressure on because the bill still has to go through the Senate and since Bush has said he is going to veto the bill.

Loebsack said he is pleased with the things that he has been able to accomplish in the House so far such as raising the minimum wage, lower college loan rates, promoting stem cell research, implementing the 9/11 commission, and address  government ethics.

Loebsack finished with a couple stories about being a Congressman.  He said the lifestyle of a Congressman isn’t quite as glamorous as people said it would be.

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    Good to see that folks like Sirota who are former staffers and send in strategy memos are actually having them read by Congressmen and their staffs.