Ed Fallon's Letter on "Clean Elections"

In case you have yet to read Ed Fallon’s letter advocating for a call to action regarding “Clean Elections” and Hog Lts Local Control.

Dear Friends,

Despite overwhelming support from citizens and community leaders, two

of the most important pieces of legislation of the 2007 session are on

life support at the Statehouse.  HF 805 (SF 553), the Voter-Owned Iowa

Clean Elections law (VOICE), and HF 873, a bill regulating CAFOs, have

seen steady progress but now face strong opposition.

The VOICE bill is in an Appropriations sub-committee comprised of Rep.

Dave Jacoby (D-chair), Rep. Jo Oldson (D) and Rep. Dwayne Alons (R). 

It will come up for a vote in that committee either next Tuesday (3/27)

or Wednesday (3/28).  If passed, it then goes to the full committee and

becomes “funnel-proof.”  That means the likelihood for debate on

the floor of the House increases.  However, we learned yesterday that the

Appropriations sub-committee plans to “kill” the bill, at the

request of leadership. 

The same kind of situation exists for the CAFO bill (HF 873).  It seems

the bill has been sent to a sub-committee with instructions from

leadership to “kill” it.  Members of that committee are Mike Reasoner

(D-chair), Delores Mertz (D), Helen Miller (D), Jack Drake (R) and Steve

Olson (R). 

Adam Mason of CCI and I (Lynn Heuss) have lobbied at the Capitol on

several occasions.  It is, at times, satisfying work and at other times

exasperating.  Yesterday’s lobbying expedition fits into the

exasperating category.  BUT – we’re not giving up, and neither should you!

Some of the good things that have happened this week:

•On Wednesday, Ed Fallon met with former Governor Tom Vilsack, who

offered to help encourage support for HF 805 (VOICE).  Ed also met with

Governor Culver last week, who agreed to call a few lawmakers to

encourage their support of the bill.

•Senator John Edwards was in Des Moines this Tuesday and met with

House Democrats.  He addressed several important issues, including

campaign finance reform.

•Many community leaders who donate significantly to Democratic

campaigns are signing on to support passage of HF 805.

•Former congressmen Berkley Bedell (D) and Jim Leach (R) are

collaborating on a joint letter in support of HF 805.

•In our lobbying efforts, Adam and I met with several House

Republicans, and some said they will consider supporting the bill.

•The coalition of citizens groups working to better regulate CAFOs is

running full-page ads in targeted newspapers across Iowa to bring

attention to HF 873.

•This coalition has also hired four lobbyists, who continue to

pressure lawmakers to support HF 873.

Three Democratic House members – Pam Jochum, Mark Kuhn and Marcie

Frevert – have been working tirelessly to advocate for these bills.  But

they can’t do it alone.  We must join the fight.

We need to inundate with calls and e-mails the legislative leaders who

control the fate of these two bills.  Please call or write.  If your

representative isn’t on one of the sub-committees, you can still call

or write Rep. Pat Murphy (House Speaker), Rep. Kevin McCarthy (House

Majority Leader) or Senator Mike Gronstal (Senate Majority Leader). 

Everyone needs to contact those three leaders, and if you are in a district

represented by any of the lawmakers listed below, please let them know

you support these bills.  Then ask everyone else you know to do the


It’s time to clean up our air, our water and our elections.  Thanks

in advance for your help.

Lynn Heuss

VOICE – HF 805  CAFO Regulation – HF 873

Appropriations Sub-Committee  Agriculture Sub-Committee

Rep. Dave Jacoby (D)  Rep. Mike Reasoner (D)

House District 30 — Johnson County House District 95 – Union County

David.Jacoby@legis.state.ia.us  Mike.Reasoner@legis.state.ia.us

Home Telephone: 319-358-8538  Home Telephone: 641-782-2693

Rep. Jo Oldson (D)  Dolores Mertz (D)

House District 61 — Polk County  House District 8 – Kossuth County

Jo.Oldson@legis.state.ia.us  Dolores.Mertz@legis.state.ia.us

Home Telephone: 515-255-2805  Home Telephone: 515-887-2952

Rep. Dwayne Alons (R)  Rep. Helen Miller (D)

House District 4 — Sioux County  House District 49 – Webster County

Dwayne.Alons@legis.state.ia.us  Helen.Miller@legis.state.ia.us

Home Telephone: 712-439-2479 
  Rep. Jack Drake (R) 
  House District 57 — Pottawattamie
  Home Telephone: 712-784-3538

  Rep. Steve Olson (R) 
  House District 83 – Clinton County
  Home Telephone: 563-659-9096

  Speaker of the House

  Rep. Pat Murphy (D)

  House District 28 – Dubuque County

  Home Telephone: (563) 582-5922
  House Telephone: (515) 281-5566

  House Majority Leader

  Rep. Kevin McCarthy (D)
  House District 67 – Polk County
  Home Telephone: (515) 953-5221
  House Telephone: (515) 281-7497

  Senate Majority Leader

  Senator Mike Gronstal (D)
  Senate District 50 — Pottawattamie
  Home Telephone: (712) 328-2808
  Business Telephone: (515) 281-3901

House Switchboard to reach all State Representatives:  (515) 281-3221

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