VOICE Needs your help!

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VOICE needs your help!

An update from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

April 3, 2007

24 days left to pass VOICE!

The legislative session ends April 27.  We have a historic opportunity to pass a Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections Bill.  This bill would provide public financing for all state elections.  This system would allow the VOICE of everyday people to be heard on the critical issues that affect us – like our communities, clean air and water, and predatory lending. 

But we need your help!  In order to make this happen the legislature must hear from us.  We are looking for lots of volunteers to help us in the next month.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to talk, act, and get things done! 

Here’s what you can do:

Contact your state Senator and Representative.  Click here for an easy contact form with talking points.

Phone bank!  Phone banking is a great way for us to spread the word beyond our membership.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other CCI members and spread the word about this important legislation.  Food will be provided.  There will be several phone banks taking place – both during the day and at night – at the CCI office in Des Moines .  E-mail jessica@iowacci.org if you would like more information.  We need you!

Walk.  We are looking for volunteers to spend a few hours on any Saturday this month to go door to door to spread the message on clean elections.  E-mail jessica@iowacci.org if you would like to help.

Learn.  For more information on what VOICE is, visit www.voterownediowa.org. 

Contact information

For more information, go to www.iowacci.org or call 515.282.0484.



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