New Dodd Ad: "Ready to Lead"

Today the Dodd campaign launched our second ad. “Ready to Lead” is now on the air in Iowa, New Hampshire, and on national cable stations.

Senator Chris Dodd is ready to lead. Through his leadership, we are moving the conversation from half-measures to bold solutions on our most pressing challenges: ending the Iraq War responsibly, stopping global warming and ending our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. On energy, he is proposing the boldest plan of all presidential candidates, which includes a Corporate Carbon Tax and 50 mpg fuel economy standards.

Senator Dodd is receiving wide praise for his leadership on these critical issues.

John Nichols of The Nation recently wrote:

But the Senate Democrats who would be president have, as a group, take an anti-war stand that is far more in keeping with the sentiments of the American people than most of official Washington yet understands.

That's good for the party and good for the country. And it is unlikely this would have happened without the timely intervention of the candidate [who] is moving the Democratic race in the right direction: Chris Dodd.

New York Times columnist Tom Friedman said on Friday:

Chris Dodd finally said the t-word. He came out in favor of a carbon tax. And that's the good news. The bad news is, he's the only one.

The stakes are great. Senator Dodd is offering clarity, conviction, and honesty in his leadership.

Are you ready to support Senator Dodd's bold leadership?

  • Script

    Here's the script of the ad:


    ANNOUNCER (VO): Chris Dodd has been challenging the other candidates to support the Feingold-Reid-Dodd amendment to end our involvement in Iraq's civil war. It worked. Now Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have changed their positions to follow Chris Dodd. Soon Chris Dodd will be talking in Iowa about his plan to stop global warming, the plan Al Gore and Bill Bradley have called "creative" and "bold." Maybe the other candidates will follow Chris Dodd on global warming, too.

    CHRIS DODD (VO): I'm Chris Dodd, and I approve this message.</blockquote>


    • that's a good ad

      Thanks for posting–we basically watch no tv other than the Daily Show and Colbert Report, so I appreciate your putting it up here.

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