Take Back America: Bloggers on Dodd

I spent the last two days at Take Back America 2007, a conference of Democratic and progressive political organizers and activists. While spending time on Bloggers' Boulevard I talked to a number of netroots dignitaries about what they liked about Senator Dodd and how his leadership on key issues is distinguishing him from the field. Below are the response of Bob Geiger,  Matt Stoller, Phillip Anderson (The Albany Project), Siun (firedoglake), and Lane Hudson (Huffington Post). Enjoy!

Bob Geiger on resoring the Constitution and ending the Iraq War.

Phillip Anderson of The Albany Project asks: Why not Dodd?

Siun of FireDogLake on Dodd's fight against the Iraq supplemental bill.

Lane Hudson of News For The Left and The Huffington Post talks Senator Dodd's stance on civil unions.

Matt Stoller of mattstoller.com (formerly MyDD) on how Chris Dodd is succeeding by leading on issues Democrats care about.

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