Project Destiny Vote Today

(8:43 PM--Polk County voters have rejected Project Destiny. Now we're waiting on Dallas and Warren county results. Could be slow coming from Dallas County, as I've heard they had ballot machine problems.

8:31 PM--Destiny appears to be losing badly, track the news over at Iowa Independent.

7:57 PM--Bumped back up to the top for discussion as the polls start to close. - promoted by Chris Woods)

If you’re a Bleeding Heartland reader in Polk, Warren, or Dallas counties make sure you get out and vote today on the 28E Agreement, more generally known as Project Destiny.

Both desmoinesdem and myself have urged a no vote in previous posts (see here, here, here, and here) but if you want more information before you head out to your polling place, you can read information from Yes to Destiny (supporters) here and from (opponents) here.

Finally, to find your polling location, click here.

Oh, and let us know what turnout is like in your area after you’ve voted.  I’m curious.

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  • I was #54 at 8:00 am

    which surprised me.

    Interesting to see if "yes" votes will break 30%.

    • 25%-30% turnout

      Saw on the Noon news that in Polk County alone they were expecting 25-30% turnout today.  That’s pretty high for a special election in July–looks like the tactic of scheduling it after the 4th and during a vacation time may not have worked after all.

  • Decent turnout

    Register and other outlets are continuing to say there has been pretty good turnout.  At about 6 PM I was voter 158, which impressed me.

    • I was approximately voter 165

      in my Windsor Heights precinct at noon.

      When we vote for city council or school board around lunchtime, usually fewer than half that many people have voted.

      A decent turnout for July and a humiliating rejection for the Project Destiny people.

      They should have put that money into more bike trails!