Washington Post: Rural Support for the Iraq War Declines

The Washington Post has a story about the decline of support in rural areas of the Iraq War. The story looks at Tipton, Iowa that has had 2 soldiers die in combat in Iraq and has quotes from Rep. Bruce Braley.

It is “the intensity and passion” of the desire for an end to the war that strike Braley as new.

“There's more unity in the opposition now,” said Braley, whose district adjoins Tipton. “It was always easier to find optimists about the chances of success in Iraq two years ago. You don't now find people talking that way, even the most ardent supporters of the president's policy.”

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  • I think this is a big part of the reason

    why the rural vote is started to swing back toward the Democrats in 2006. Too many people have a personal connection to someone who died over there, or who came back changed forever.