Dodd answers top-rated YouTube questions...

As promised, here are Senator Dodd's answers to the top rated YouTube user submitted questions. Senator Dodd answered these four questions because they were the favorites listed by Community Counts, a site that's allowed visitors to vote on which questions the Presidential candidates should be asked.

Without further ado, Dodd's answers to the top four YouTube user-submitted questions:

Re: Impeachment of GW Bush;Necessary to thwart future abuses?

Re: What about the *non* religious voters?

Re: Presidential Debate Question – Fuel Problem

Re: What will YOU do to protect independent voices in the media?

  • Live from the spin room

    Last night following the CNN / YouTube debate in South Carolina, Senator Dodd went from the stage to the debate Spin Room. We live streamed him answering questions that he did not have a chance to answer in full or were not even asked of him during the debate in order to give him – and the online community – an opportunity to hear where he stands on critical issues. Sometimes sixty seconds (or thirty…or five…) isn't enough to do these subjects justice.

    Senator Dodd took the opportunity to give full answers on questions about what separates his Iraq policy from the other candidates, what he would do about the No Child Left Behind Act, what his vision for health care is, and how he would work to grow the American economy and protect American jobs.

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