Ames Straw Poll Contest

The folks over at have launched another contest to reach out to online readers and bloggers with their Ames Straw Poll Contest.

Mike Schramm, the news editor at, says “Whoever guesses closest to the actual finishing order wins a free year of our subscription service.”  To be honest, I’m not a subscriber to their service but I know some folks who are subscribers and appreciate the work they do.

Anyway, entries need to be submitted by Friday afternoon (because Saturday is the actual straw poll).  So go fill out the form and take a chance!

And yes, I realize that we’re all mostly Democrats and progressives here but this is at least a good way to have some fun and test your Republican political prowess.

  • Anyone else going to the Straw poll?

    A friend working for the Mitt Romney campaign got us tickets to go and vote in the straw poll as long as we told her we’d vote for Mitt.  Based on current polling, I figure a Mitt win would be good for us.  So it’s free barbecue and inflatable rides for the kids tomorrow!

    My wife has asked me to at least TRY not to get hauled off by security.  I told her I could probably make national news (or at least You Tube), but that wasn’t good enough for her.

    • Chase Martyn and Douglas Burns

      Will be there blogging for IowaIndependent, so you should definitely seek them out–both great guys and could offer some insight.

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