Someone Worth Fighting For...


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I found this photo and wept because my husband is going to Iraq for fifteen months and I know this could be me. On any given day, out of 455, someone could come to my door and make me a widow.  I look at this woman and I can barely breathe.

And then there was the vote to produce and send mine resistent vehicles to Iraq.  Vehicles that the Marine Corp and the Army had been asking for since 2005 because they cut down on casualties and deaths by up to SEVENTY PERCENT.  (Think of it for a minute, 2,500 less widows.) 

Biden was the only one with enough courage to cast the vote for these vehicles (in the supplemental war funding bill).  Biden said there are some things worth losing elections over and before you ever run for office you need to know what those are.  My husband's life was one of the things he was willing to lose an election over.  Right now, no other Democratic candidate can say that to me, or to any other military wife.

When Senator Biden said our troops were worth losing for, I knew his candidacy was worth fighting for.

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  • my friend will probably go to Iraq

    at some point during the next two years. He’s got a wife and two young kids. I hope your husband comes back safely.