Bill Richardson: Surge Has Failed, Withdraw All Troops

Today, Governor Richardson reiterated his belief that the so-called “surge”in U.S. forces in Iraq has been a failure, and responded to Senator Clinton’s change of heart regarding the lack of progress in the war.

“I am pleased that Senator Clinton, today, recognizes that the surgehas produced no progress of any long term significance to the Iraq debacle.That is different from what she said yesterday to the Veterans of ForeignWars. But, it is that audience, who has sacrificed more than any of us, whodeserves to hear a clear statement that our sons and daughters and mothersand fathers are not going to be sacrificed because of an irrational commitmentto a failed strategy.

…  The only way out of the Iraq mess is to remove all U.S. troops, and to usethat leverage to get the warring parties to resolve their differences, andsurrounding Muslim nations to help stabilize the countr Any residual U.S. force reduces the chances for success, and exposes our troops as targets.  Our brave troops, and the American people, deserve better.”

Go to No Troops Left Behind to learn more.

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