Union Breakdown in Iowa

I'm trying to come up with a breakdown of the size of unions in Iowa, along with their endorsement history.  Here is what I have so far, but it might not be 100% accurate.  Unions report their size using different metrics to fluff up their apparent importance.  I've divided their reports into four categories – Membership, Employees Represented, Active and Retired Employees, and Families.  Because of the Right to Work (for less) law in Iowa, the membership is always going to be the smallest of these numbers, and probably the most important.  (Active and retired members would be helpful too, but no one reports that.)

Of course, it is not all that unlikely that some of the membership numbers are misrepresented, as well.  Still, this is a pretty good rough approximation of the most important labor unions in Iowa, at least for the top 5 or so, their sizes, and their track records.

If you can help me fill in the blanks, please email me at simonrstevenson@gmail.com.

(Inspired by this post from Open Left on the national breakdown.) 

Union  IFL?  Members  Employees  w/ Retired  2000  2004 &nbsp 2006  2008 
ISEA No   32000          
AFSCME Yes 13000 20000   Gore Dean Blouin  
UAW No     30000 Gore Gephardt Culver  
USWA Yes 7000     Gore Gephardt Blouin Edwards
SEIU   2000 5000   Gore Dean Blouin Edwards
IUPAT Yes 3000     Gore Dean    
IAMAW Yes     10000   Gephardt Culver Clinton
CWA Yes 2500         Blouin  
IAFF   1570       Kerry   Dodd
UTU     1000 3000   None Culver Clinton
Teamsters           Gephardt Blouin  
IBEW Yes           Blouin  
BCTGM Yes         Gephardt    
AFT Yes             Clinton
APWU Yes              
UA Yes              
GMP Yes              
NALC Yes              Clinton

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