Latest Iowa TV Ad from Governor Bill Richardson

In the last Democratic Presidential debate in Iowa, the Governor said it best:

“You know, I think that Senator Obama does represent change. Senator Clinton has experience. Change and experience: With me, you get both.”

Today we released a new television ad in Iowa called Offers. The spot
  emphasizes that Bill Richardson is the only candidate in the race who brings
  both change and experience to the Presidential race despite the fact that other
  candidates may be borrowing the phrase.


The ad recounts the Governor’s unparalleled experience and record of achievement in foreign policy. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times and recently helped negotiate the shutdown of North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

Our new ad also reinforces that Governor Richardson is the only major candidate with a detailed plan to get all US troops out of Iraq, leaving behind no residual  forces.


The latest Iowa poll by the American Research Group shows Governor Richardson at 13%, solidly in contention several months before the state's caucuses.

  • good ad

    I am convinced that the best path for Richardson to break into the top tier is to go after Clinton leaners, who tend to be over 50 and looking for a candidate with lots of experience in Washington.

    I read at Open Left that Clinton’s advisers say they expect us to still have 60,000 troops in Iraq several years from now. Not acceptable. If I were Richardson, I would call her out on her claim that she will end this war if George Bush doesn’t.

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