Sen. President Pro Tem Danielson Endorses Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd & Jeff Danielson
Big news out of Cedar Falls today. Iowa State Senate Pro Tempore Jeff Danielson has endorsed Chris Dodd for President. Danielson is the first member of the Iowa Senate leadership to endorse a presidential candidate.  In addition to the endorsement, he will serve as a Co-Chair of Dodd’s Iowa Steering Committee, and a member of Dodd’s National Steering Committee.

Danielson is a Navy veteran and a fire fighter in Cedar Falls.

“When it comes to protecting this country and strengthening our communities, proven leadership and experience matter,” said Danielson.  “I am supporting Chris Dodd, because he is the candidate I trust to keep America safe and keep our middle class families strong.  Time and time again, Chris Dodd has shown not only that he has thoughtful, bold ideas, but that he has the ability to pull people together to get them done.
“With the stakes so high for our country in this election, Chris Dodd is the proven leader we need in the White House and the proven winner we need as our Democratic nominee.  I am proud to be endorsing Chris Dodd, and I’m ready to go to work across this state on behalf of his campaign.”

Iowa blogger Lynda Waddington has more on the Danielson endorsement and a slew of links to other positive events and coverage for Senator Dodd of late.

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Matt Browner-Hamlin

  • got a robocall from Danielson tonight

    mentioned the IAFF endorsement and the fact that Danielson is a firefighter in Cedar Falls.