Markos Moulitsas on Dodd's Inspiring Campaign

DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas is interviewed by Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo on his thoughts on the presidential race. Markos said this of Dodd's principled leadership:

Obama's played it safe. Everyone else is playing it safe. Hillary Clinton has definitely played it safe. So finally, you know, people like me are looking for somebody to be inspired who gives us the kind of rhetoric and policy proposals that actually seem to move the Democratic Party forward. And Chris Dodd on bankruptcy reform, on the war in Iraq, on civil liberties and I mean this is a guy who is essentially running on a platform of restoring the Bill of Rights. How much more inspiring can you get than that? Especially in this climate, with this administration, that has made absolutely clear that their number one mission in life is to eviscerate the Bill of Rights. So you have a candidate that has latched onto a very timely issue, one that is very relevant and actually is of great importance right now — and that's Chris Dodd.

I wish he was a really viable candidate, I wish he was in the top tier, then I could get really excited about him. As it is, I wish the top tier candidates would speak in the way that Chris Dodd does.

We can make Chris Dodd into a top-tier candidate by getting involved and rewarding his leadership. Tell your friends. Make a donation. Volunteer for the campaign. Start a personal fundraising drive. Write to your local paper.

You can make the Dodd campaign a success by getting on board in support of a candidate who is leading on the most pressing issues facing our country today. Your voice in support of Senator Dodd's campaign is what is needed to propel Dodd into the “top tier.” Wishing he polled higher than he does is well and good, but it's action that will carry Dodd to the nomination. If Democratic activists, online and off, sit on their hands while unsatisfied with what the “top tier” provides them, then we won't realize the promise of Dodd's inspiring campaign. We need your help and now is the time for you to join the Dodd Squad.

  • Biden Playing it Safe???

    Joe Biden has in no way “played it safe”.  He stands up for what he believes in and never backs down.  He knew what the correct political vote for Iraq was, but he sided with his conscience instead.  The Senator knew what would boost him in the polls, but he looked out for the safety of our troops first.  Biden is the only candidate with true potential!

  • has Dodd made a statement on public financing?

    Since Markos is on a rampage against Edwards for accepting public financing, I was wondering whether Dodd had said whether he plans to accept matching funds before the primaries.

  • Why of the voters who know Dodd best

    only 7% of Connecticut Democrats support him for President?

  • great work by Dodd today in the Senate

    putting a hold on the FISA bill that would grant immunity to telecom companies that broke the law.

    Dodd has solidified his position as my second choice candidate.

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