First newspaper to endorse....Endorses Biden

From over at MyDD:

Today The Storm Lake Times, a paper based in northwestern Iowa, endorsed Joe Biden for president. It's the first endorsement of any paper, let alone one from Iowa, of this presidential cycle. The editorial movingly cites Biden's personal story and his foreign affairs expertise as key reasons for their endorsement. 

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  • I think he'll get a bunch more

    especially from the conservative newspapers that supported the Iraq War. As I wrote in July:

    4. Partly because of his stand on Iraq, I see Biden as a candidate who might get some newspaper endorsements. Some newspaper editorial boards in Iowa are quite conservative (I’m not talking about The Des Moines Register), and Biden is the kind of Democrat who doesn’t bother Republicans so much. Most editorial boards backed the Iraq War, and they are probably sympathetic to the idea that we can’t “just leave” without creating chaos.

    Also, if editors want to avoid pissing off large numbers of Edwards, Clinton or Obama supporters among their readers, endorsing Biden might be an attractive option. He’s not seen as a threat to the front-runners, so endorsing him wouldn’t make anyone too angry.

    I don’t want to make too much of newspaper endorsements, because I don’t think most voters are taking their cue from them. However, they can give a signal as to which candidates are “serious” enough to consider supporting. A Biden leaner who isn’t sure whether he would be viable might be influenced by these. Candidates often feature these endorsements in final-week tv advertising.

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