Stakes are too high, Caucus today!


If the media and early states get their way, the presidential nomination finalists will be decided by the end of February before more than half the nation gets a chance to voice their opinions. Sound fair?


The stakes are high in the next election and we can’t sit idly. Join the National Presidential Caucus (NPC) effort to confront the heavily compressed primary schedule we’re facing today. NPC is hosting a National Caucus Day on Dec. 7th and we’d love if you’d join us in organizing caucuses in your area!

To encourage voters to form opinions before the early primary states and the media determine who the leading candidates will be, NPC is asking people like you to host caucuses in their communities. It’s a great way to get your candidate and issue out there.
Here’s how it works:
-Post a caucus on the website
-Meet offline on December 7th to talk about issues and candidates that matter TO YOU
-Post your results on our website with all the other caucuses from across the nation

  Hosting a caucus is as simple as getting some friends, family, or whomever you want together. It's really easy to do!

What if every state's caucus and primary were weighted equally? I don't know about you, but I'd call that democracy. 

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  • I agree that the process is too front-loaded

    but I wouldn’t favor a national primary. The process has to begin in a few small states. Not that those states should decide everything, but it has to start where all the candidates (not just the ones raising $75 million) can be heard by voters.

    • Why not caucus today?

      I don’t favor a national primary either. I’m all for candidates really paying the long over due attention to citizen opinion. NPC is an effort to encourage citizens to form their opinions before the primaries. It’s really a way to engage and empower citizen opinion back into our political process.

  • in all fairness

    all americans should have the equal ability to choose each party’s nominee. anyone care to challenge that?

    • i certainly agree with jhoward

      people should have a fair chance to voice their opinions…NH and Iowa are not demographically representative of the entire nation’s population…is that fair?

      BTW…correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t NH like the 3rd richest state in the nation? how is that representative of the entire nation?

      • Blah blah blah

        A national primary is a terrible idea. It would allow candidates with millions/billions of dollars to win. And no one would even feel the need to campaign. The entire election could be won with TV ads.

        And you could find a problem with any state getting the lead position.

        And by the way, every state in the nation has a primary or a caucus. Instead of talking tough about Iowa, why not organize your state? Why not get your state to vote for whoever they want instead what Iowa says for them to vote for? Iowa matters, because people trust Iowans and the Iowa Caucus process.

        • but iowa...

          is demographically not representative of the american population…if you read the comments above, we’re not favoring a national primary. We are in favor of a spread out primary system. But given the frontloaded schedule we’re facing, we have no other choice but to turn to NPC to voice our opinions before the primary states do. How else do you think people who aren’t lucky enough to live in the early primary states get a fair chance in voicing their opinions? Riddle me this…

          • in terms of race/ethnicity

            Iowa is not very representative. But socio-economically, Iowa is much more of an “average” state than NH, which is both extremely wealthy and disproportionately white.

            I do not think IA and NH should decide everything. If you are old enough to remember 1988, things were still very much up for grabs, even after “super Tuesday.”

            I do believe that small states should go first.