More endorsements for Obama

This morning, the Iowa City Press-Citizen endorsed Barack Obama for president.  They wrote:

“Obama has the right vision for a new national politics and a new global reputation. He now needs voters and supporters who will help him transform that vision into reality. It’s a transformation that should have started three years ago. Neither the nation nor the world can wait any longer.”

It is a pretty well-written endorsement which also highlights the positives of the other Democratic candidates and specifically looks at restoring America’s image abroad and here at home.

While I disagree with their analysis on Obama’s healthcare proposal, I think that discussion of the issue is an important step to truly making universal healthcare a priority point of discussion in American politics.

On the Republican side, with only two Republican candidate visits to Johnson County’s paper of record, the editorial staff went with Mike Huckabee over Ron Paul.

  • Not a huge surprise...

    I was thinking it would be either Obama or Edwards. I knew it wouldn’t be Hillary, and wasn’t surprised to see a little Hillary bashing in the endorsement piece. That said, I was kind of surprised about how disparaging they were of Edwards.

    And the more Richardson and Edwards lay claim to an outsider status, the more they risk having their call for change get lost in their rhetoric–which is what seems to have happened especially to Edwards in this campaign.

    I’d consider this, along with the DMR, to be two papers that have snubbed Edwards within a week. Any Edwards fans out there have an opinion on that?

    • IC newspaper backed Kerry in 2004

      and DMR editorial board is quite different from four years ago. I don’t see these endorsements as surprising at all.

      I think sometimes Edwards and Obama supporters are talking past each other. What others find inspiring in Obama’s rhetoric doesn’t grab me at all. I seriously don’t get it. Maybe it is a personality thing. It often seems vague and naive to me.

      I much prefer Edwards’ rhetoric and his general orientation. Obama is living in a dream world if he thinks he will just be able to “bring people together” if elected president. He will have to fight the Republicans and corporate interests to enact progressive change, and I don’t see Obama as our strongest potential advocate in that fight.

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