Michelle Obama: A Changer Has Come

Speaking just four days after Christmas in Pocahontas, Iowa, Michelle Obama told her audience of fifty that a changer has come to us.  He knows we are all alike and that we do not want to fight. He is full of hope.  He has come in a form that we may not have anticipated, but he he is! 

He is ready now.  We should not expect him to come again.  It is a lot of work to run for the White House even once, never mind twice.  In eight years the hope will be drained out of him, anyway.  


He will give bring change because he will follow the Biblical admonition: To whom much is given, much will be expected.  He has been given much in the way of the family values that we all share and in the outstanding education and legal talent he has shown.  He did not use his talent to enrich himself.  He went into community service where he fought (what? He fights?) for change in Chicago politics. Now he will bring change to America.

 Following the sermon stump speech, Michelle did not take any questions about politics or issues.  She immediately began shaking hands with the people in the front pew row of chairs.  Ninety six percent of the audience remained seated, apparently waiting their turn to shake her hand.  Two others got up and left having realized this was not the political event they had expected.

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