Fallon to challenge Boswell?

I have heard a rumor that Fallon is thinking of challenging Boswell this year.  Anyone with any news on that?

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  • It is true

    The petitions were available in my precinct, and Fallon’s partner, Lynn Heuss, has purchased the domain names FallonForCongress.com and FallonForCongress.net I believe.  I’ll be posting about it shortly.

  • also confirming

    that I brought nominating petitions for Fallon to my precinct caucus.

    This is a win-win situation for progressives. Already Boswell’s voting behavior has improved because he is worried about the challenge.

    If we could elect Fallon to the seat (an uphill battle, probably) we would have a voice we could count on in Congress. In addition, Boswell underperformed the top of the Democratic ticket in the 2006 election.

    Also, I think it would be helpful to elect a younger person to that seat before Iowa loses a Congressional district after the 2010 census. As things stand, it seems likely that Boswell would retire in 2012, leaving us without an incumbent to run in the redrawn 3rd district.

    • Details?

      How did the petitions go over? Were there a lot of signatures or was there more reluctance? If there were Bozwell petitions, how did Fallon’s signature count compare to his?