Clinton's backdealings lock up delegates

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton for winning New Hampshire. But there is much more at stake to this horse race than the skim surface of the campaign mechanics the mainstream media tells.

Though Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire, her back door dealings have already seem to have secured her a position in the White House, barely trying.

Just like the general election where the electoral college is the only vote that matters, the primaries have a similar system that parallels the electoral college in process. It’s call the delegates and superdelegates.

Here’s an explanation of what they are and how they’re selected. They aren’t voted for at all.

And here is the list of delegates who have already committed to a candidate even BEFORE the primaries.

Clinton’s campaign co-chair is Terri McAuliffe, who works and is very influential in the DNC. He was able to lock all of the DNC for Hillary anyways. What is your opinion on it?

  • if Obama starts winning more primaries

    the superdelegates will switch to him.

    Dean also had a big lead in superdelegates at one point.

    Terry McAuliffe is a man, by the way.

    • desmoinesdem

      I am curious what you think about Edwards, if he will pull out if he loses SC and Nevada?  Or will he stay in through February 5th?  I tend to think that most of his supporters would lean toward Obama if Edwards exited the race.  Personally, I would like to see Edwards be VP with Obama and I wonder what you think on the likelihood of such a deal being brokered?  

      • he says he will stay in the whole way

        and I support his intention. He is talking about the issues in a way that Obama and Clinton never have and never will. Also, I believe that the Republican hate machine will not start to unload on Clinton and Obama until they are 100 percent sure Edwards is out of it.

        I don’t see any chance that Obama would pick Edwards for VP. He will need someone with foreign policy heft for that slot if he gets the nomination.

        I think Obama would consider Edwards for a cabinet post, though. There are several that Edwards would excel at.

        • hmm

          I heard him say he would stay in until the convention.  I was just wondering if you really think he will stay in it until then.  Most say that they’re in all the way and then drop out after enough losses.  His causes are not all that different from Obama’s, so it would seem reasonable that he would drop out to help Obama, if it appears doing so would prove better for his cause than if he stayed in.  

        • Obama-Edwards unlikely

          I agree with Desmoinesdem on that.  Conventional thinking would lead Obama to pick someone heavy-duty like Richardson, Biden or Bob Kerrey.  But if he’s true to his rhetoric and reaching out mentality, he could be bold and go with a red state female D governor like Sebelius or Napolitano.  That could be dynamite.

          • both of those women are great

            but the first black man to win the nomination is not going to pick a woman. He will go with an ultra-safe white man who is beloved by the DC establishment.

            I hope Napolitano will knock off McCain in 2010. I’d love to see Sebelius run for president someday.

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