Must-read analysis of IA and NH results

I urge all of you to click on this diary by MyDD user Silver Spring, who analyzed the county-level results from Iowa and New Hampshire.

I am not convinced by all of the arguments in this diary, but it is a great piece of work. I have asked Silver Spring to cross-post here, so I can promote it to the front page. In the meantime, you all should head over to MyDD and read it for yourself.

I haven’t yet had a chance to dig into the county-level results from Iowa, so I greatly appreciate this effort.

This kind of in-depth analysis sets the blogs apart from superficial mainstream media coverage.

  • precinct level support?

    I know this sounds really wonkish, but did the IDP ever announce the caucus results by precinct?  I’d like to know what happened precinct by precinct in Polk County.


      You can select a county and view all the precinct-level results there.

      It only shows you the numbers after realignment, though, so you can’t tell how much initial support there was for non-viable candidates.

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