Iowa's Dumbest Representative

Dwayne Alons:

"We shouldn't be as concerned, actually, about warming, especially now that we have modern refrigeration and air conditioning," Alons said Tuesday.

Oh.  My.  God. 

  • let's not forget Alons' priceless comment last April

    diaried here by Mark Langgin:


    This bill represents a mainstream and responsible approach to developing a comprehensive plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Yet, Republicans have taken an extreme position on this particular bill.  For example, during the committee meeting on the bill, Representative Duane Alons made a comparison between Iowa in 2007 and ancient Mayan cultures.  He argued that global warming would be good for Iowa.  He believes that ancient Mayans were giants - taller & stronger than modern men and women.  He argues they were giants (and this is a good thing) because of warm temperatures.  Ancient cyclical warming helped Mayans become giants!

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