Change and Experience-- An Unbeatable Ticket!

The further and further along we proceed in this election, the more and more likely it seems that the Republican nominee will be John McCain. As Democrats, we are going that have to make careful our decision as to who we want going head-to-head with Sen. McCain. We need someone with the ability to bring people together. We need someone with the ability to bring people to their feet. We need someone with the ability to court Republicans and Independents. We need Barack Obama!

But we also need someone else– the right Vice-Presidential nominee…

We need Joe Biden! There is no doubt in my mind that an Obama-Biden ticket would be unbeatable. Sen. Obama's un-canning ability to inspire the disenchanted, and Joe Biden's depth and breadth of knowledge would overwhelm any Republican.

Throughout this campaign everyone has talked about change and experience, but no one has presented both. However this duo would do just that. Obama has run his campaign almost solely on his ability to bring about change, whether in the Illinois State Senate where he overhauled the failing Capitol Punishment policy, right straight through on the National stage where he accomplished comprehensive Ethics Reform. In contrast, Biden focused on his experience. He has accumulated 35 years in the United States Senate, and has served as the chairman of both the Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees. Throughout this time, he has amassed an unbeatable relationship with leaders across the world, and has a plan to deal with every major foreign threat we as a nation face.

If we want a duo that could beat any Republican this is the one we need. Obama could take care of courting the Independents away from McCain, and in the mean time, Biden could focus on getting the foreign policy voters. These two could go toe-to-toe with anyone on any issue! Sign the petition!

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  • Biden would be a good running mate

    for Obama, although I’d rather have Biden at the top of the ticket.

    I don’t think Obama would do very well against McCain, frankly. McCain and Lieberman steal Obama’s post-partisan message, and McCain is even more of a media darling than Obama. Once the media turn on Obama, he is going to have a very rough ride.