Iowa joins California's lawsuit against the EPA

I haven’t seen any news reports about it yet, but the Iowa Environmental Council put out a release yesterday praising this action by Attorney General Tom Miller:

Today advocates for clean energy solutions applauded Attorney General Tom Miller for a step that could help Iowans reduce emissions from their cars, which endanger public health and contribute to global warming.

The Iowa Attorney General’s office today joined California’s lawsuit against the EPA, for its legal action which denied states’ rights to adopt vehicle emissions standards to regulate global warming emissions.

Nathaniel Baer, energy program director for the Iowa Environmental Council, expects that states will prevail in court.

“If the federal government refuses to lead on climate change, states need the appropriate tools to step up to the challenge,” said Baer. “Better standards for car emissions will help reduce global warming emissions and save Iowans money at the pump.”

UPDATE: Dien Judge has more on this story at Iowa Independent:…

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