Reading Paul Krugman op-eds is like driving around in a cul-de-sac for 5 minutes.

I love progressives, but Paul Krugman is a little too George W. Bush for me these days.  How black and white has he become about Barack Obama?  How can he still have his editorial job at the Times.  He has not written ANYTHING new about the 2008 election for at least 3 months.  Talk about waste of words.



  • you only reveal your ignorance

    Paul Krugman has been one of the few voices of sanity on the country’s op-ed pages the last seven years.

    One thing I dislike about the Obama cult is the way anyone who criticizes Obama immediately becomes the enemy.

    Probably Krugman wouldn’t be writing so many columns about Obama if Obama’s campaign hadn’t put out an oppo research memo on Krugman, and if Obama’s campaign didn’t continue to use “Harry and Louise” imagery with Republican talking points to attack Hillary’s superior health care plan.

    • That may be true about Krugman

      but he sounds like a broken record.  I don’t think he is an enemy.  He is attacking Obama repetitively on the same issue and his op-eds are boring.  I expect variety from the TIMES op-ed columnists and I expect them to write different columns with different messages each week.  He has not.

      Whether Hillary’s plan is inferior is debatable.  It amazes me that someone who was such a strong Edwards supporter would go to the Clinton camp, when she is such a different person from him.  Shocking that you expect change from Hillary Clinton.

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