Weekend election results open thread

Big wins for Obama today in the Nebraska and Washington caucuses. Early returns in Louisiana also show him winning, not surprisingly.

I will be interested to see if there was more than a negligible vote for Edwards in Louisiana, since he began and ended his campaign there and has done a lot to bring the Katrina aftermath to the media’s attention.

On the Republican side, Huckabee embarrassed McCain (and Senator Sam Brownback, who backed McCain) in Kansas today. Huck seems to have a shot at winning in Washington and Louisiana too. That would be just fine by me. Anything that keeps the “Republicans divided, base can’t stand McCain” as the journalistic narrative has to be good for Democrats.

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  • An Obama sweep

    Obama swept all 4 contests.  The victory in Washington was huge.  I thought that race might be closer, but Obama won every county except for one.

  • There's not much else to say

    except that the last two months the country has proved it is time to move on.  

    • except that Hillary may still end up with more

      popular votes when all the primaries are over.

      The smaller states Obama is crushing in have disproportionate numbers of delegates assigned. Hillary beat Obama by hundreds of thousands of votes in California alone.

      • The Popular Vote

        Haven’t we heard this argument before?  Try the 2000 and 2004 election.  Obama is successful across the country, not just in three isolated locations on the coasts of the country.  I thought we cared about representation, not just population density in a few different locations?  Basically, Obama could pick up tremendous momentum through the month into the Ohio and Texas primaries and he has large sway across the country with a diverse population.  As far as I’m concerned, the candidate needs to win according to fair representation across the country – not just two or three locations.  We know the latter does not win nationally, so isn’t this a good thing for the Democratic Party?  Obama has great electability.

        • ok then

          Please don’t cite any more nationwide polls to “prove” that Obama is more electable against McCain. Only head-to-head state polls, please.

          Today on a MyDD thread I asked Obama supporters to provide a scenario for how Obama could get to 270 electoral votes. I’ll be frank with you, I am concerned about that. I see him having no chance against McCain in FL and having a very uphill battle in OH and PA. We need to win two out of those three, in all likelihood, to have any chance at the presidency.

          • Good Point

            National polls don’t mean squat.  I’d like to see the state polls myself.

            • this diary by JedReport cites a lot of them


              but there are some key states missing.

              FYI, JedReport caucused for Edwards in Nevada but prefers Obama to Clinton.

              PA, FL and OH are going to be real headaches if Obama is the nominee. I’m not saying he can’t win, but it will take a monumental effort. A lot of moderates believe that McCain is not conservative and may feel more comfortable with his level of experience.