Democracy for America endorses Fallon

I got an e-mail today from Democracy for America, confirming that they are backing Ed Fallon in the primary to represent Iowa’s third Congressional district. Excerpt:

Last Tuesday, our Primaries Matter campaign delivered results and helped lead Donna Edwards to a resounding 24-point victory over Bush-Democrat Al Wynn in MD-04.

Ed Fallon is the next DFA-List endorsement and he’s taking on Bush-Democrat, Rep. Leonard Boswell in IA-03.

Contribute $20.08 right now and support a Democrat with the backbone to stand up for progressive values.…

Ed Fallon is a true progressive and he has a record of beating out-of-touch Democrats in Iowa. In 1992, he beat 10-year incumbent Gary Sherzan with 63% of the vote and became a State Representative. When the conservative party establishment tried to primary Ed out of the state legislature, Ed won again with 68% of the vote.

Now, with your help, Ed will beat Bush-Democrat Leonard Boswell. Here’s a breakdown of some of the important differences between them.

The chart didn’t come through well when I copied and pasted. Here’s what it showed in Fallon’s column:

The War in Iraq: opposed Bush’s war from the start and believes we need a more diplomatic approach to foreign policy, not just in Iraq but throughout the Middle East

Campaign Funding: has never accepted money from lobbyists

Spying on Americans: opposes Bush’s warrantless wiretapping of innocent Americans

The Climate Crisis: supports a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants and has lead the fight against government handouts to big business in Iowa

No Child Left Behind: is against this unfunded, ineffective Bush-mandate, and will work to get it repealed

On those same issues, here’s what Democracy for America listed in the Boswell column:

-voted for the Iraq War and has continued to support additional funding with no timetable to bring the troops home

-accepts donations from lobbyists

-voted for increased warrantless surveillance on the American people

-voted to provide $14 billion in tax breaks and incentives for oil and gas companies and supports greater use of coal

-voted for [No Child Left Behind] and did not fund it or attempt to repeal it

I don’t know how many members Democracy for America has, but it will be interesting to see how much money this appeal raises for Fallon’s campaign. Donna Edwards’ convincing victory may make people more willing to invest in another primary challenger.

By the way, John Deeth has a piece up at Iowa Independent about the role Boswell and 20 other “Blue dog” Democrats played in yesterday’s House debate on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Deeth’s piece linked to a post by Matt Browner Hamlin, who confirmed that all 21 House Democrats who cooperated with the Republicans on FISA have received contributions from the telecom industry. Boswell has received $5,000 in campaign contributions from AT&T.

UPDATE: I checked the page at ActBlue that Democracy for America set up for donations to Fallon. As of 2:25 pm, this appeal has raised $10,417 for Fallon from 305 donors. That’s impressive. I’m sure the total will increase substantially this evening, which is when many people have their internet time.

SECOND UPDATE: As of 10:30 pm, this appeal has raised $20,024 for Fallon from 582 donors. That’s an average of just under $35 per donor. Looks like a lot of those people will be willing and able to donate again before this race is over.

  • This could be a big help

    Democracy for America will probably raise 10k or so off these appeal but more importantly they can mobilize their members.

    This is a blurb they sent out when they were helping Mark Pera:

    “This race is a classic example of the culture of activism versus the culture of incumbency. DFA members have knocked on over 4,100 doors of targeted Democratic voters, made hundreds of phone calls, generated national media attention, and raised thousands of dollars for Mark’s campaign.”

    I’m not a campaign expert but I think Ed would be glad to have people knock on 4 thousand doors for him. Also they have lots of friends among other progressive groups and their endorsement could help move other groups over the edge to help out as well.

  • I just got the email

    Im really excited about it.

    Hopefully they will also consider William Meyers in the fourth!

    • my impression

      is that they are only endorsing Democrats in primaries against certain Democratic incumbents who have repeatedly voted against their own party in Congress.

      I don’t think Democracy for America would endorse one candidate over another in a primary for the right to challenge an incumbent Republican.

      • Fallon Taking PAC Money?

        Isn’t Democracy for America a PAC?   Isn’t is very hypocritical for Fallon to take this money based on his opposition to PACs?

        Seems like Fallon is only against PACs that don’t contribute to him…

  • Quick update on Fallon

    He has also been endorsed by LGBT.

    Here is a quick way to vote for him!

    Help Ed recieve more national attention and campaign funds!

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