Iowa Poll Shows Obama Beating McCain, McCain Beating Clinton

A new poll by Survey USA shows Barack Obama winning Iowa over John McCain by 10%. The poll shows Hillary Clinton losing to McCain by 11%.

Obama 51%
McCain 41%

Clinton 41%
McCain 52%

I am not surprised that Obama would win Iowa. However, I am surprised about how far behind Clinton is. McCain barely even campaigned in the Iowa. I thought some Iowans might hold that against McCain and some might not know him well enough to decide to support him over Clinton. It looks like I was wrong.

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  • I support Obama

    But John McCain is really fighting dirty already. Hopefully we can hit him back.

    William J Meyers for House 2008  

  • Regardless

    Looks like McCain has been sleeping around and than granting favors… Pimp Daddy McCain!

  • Iowa Bloggers?

    Anyone interested in a ticket to the Democratic Convention as an accreditted blogger? Iowa is open.