• it will be decided before then

    I do not believe superdelegates will go for Hillary as long as Obama leads in pledged delegates and does better in polls against McCain.

    Only an earthquake in the Rezko trial or some other such huge scandal involving Obama could derail his nomination at this point. He’s going to rack up big wins in most of the remaining primaries (except for PA).

    • Blogging at the Convention

      Would you consider applying with Bleeding Heartland for blogger credentials for the Convention and sending me to the convention to write about it on Bleeding Heartland?  From reading the credentialing process, you can apply for a number of credentials for the blog and send that many of your bloggers to the convention to write for it.  

      “Q: What if more than one person writes for a blog? Can they both be credentialed? And if so, should they each apply separately?

      A: The DNCC Press Gallery credentials media organizations (in this case blogs), not individuals. Multiple credentials may be assigned to a single blog in the general pool.  Applicants to the general pool should specify the number of credentials being requested for the blog.  

      Q: What if I’m part of a larger online community?  Can I get a credential of my own?

      A:  Because the DNCC Press Gallery credentials media organizations, not individuals, each applying organization needs to decide how the members of the community will assign the credentials assigned to the blog itself.”

      I would love to go to the convention and write diaries for your blog.  I would treat it pretty much like a research project and write objectively about the process, the people, the interactions, the implications for Iowa and the nation, and whatever observations I have that seem interesting and pertinent.  I’m open to any ideas you would have on what to cover.  I have the time to do this since I will be graduating from grad school this summer and it sounds pretty darn awesome.  So, let me know what you think about this.  

    • Do you

      have any interest in this?

    • I guess if you are not interested in having this coverage on your blog

      I can apply with another blog.  I just figured it might be good for this blog to have on the ground stories from the convention reported here.  It doesn’t sound like anyone else from Bleeding Heartland has had any willful interest in doing it.  I am not asking for much from you, just the opportunity to write on this blog from the convention.  So, if you are not going to respond, I will pursue other options.  

      • I am sorry to be late in getting back to you

        Technically, Drew Miller is the owner of this blog, so I was waiting to hear back from him.

        If you want to apply to blog at the DNC on behalf of Bleeding Heartland, you have our support–just let me know what we need to do to support your application.

        • Thanks

          for the opportunity.  Here is what I would need from you to apply:

          -An indication of the site’s circulation/reach/frequency/daily audience.

          -date of blog’s launch

          -Technorati authority

          -approximate number of posts on the blog

          -and some comments on the blog’s influence

          You can e-mail that to me at politicaltea@gmail.com if you would prefer.

          • can you please e-mail Drew Miller

            with those points:

            drew AT drewmiller dot net, and copy me at desmoinesdem AT yahoo.com

            I don’t have a lot of that information, but Drew does.

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