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I thought I could break myself in here with a little background info about myself and mission.  I'll do my best, time permitting, to keep up with posting on a regular basis.  I am running my campaign myself.  We cannot afford paid staffers to take care of these types of things, so I hope you will all bear with me.

I was born and raised in Humboldt, Iowa. After graduating high school I longed for a higher education. Unable to afford one, I worked a few odd jobs until joining the Marine Corps. While on active duty I served you and your family as a terrorism specialist, spending much of my time in London, England. London was my first experience living under a wonderful national health insurance program. During my last year of service, a training accident left me with a severe back disability.

After leaving active duty, I began an enormous battle with the Department of Veterans' Affairs. More than two years after submitting my original claim, I asked my elected officials for assistance. Senator Grassley and Representative Latham told me they couldn't help. Senator Harkin's office went above and beyond their call to duty and saw to it I received the treatment I urgently needed. Without Senator Harkin's help, I might not be here today. This is when I first learned that politics can really be used to help people.

Later in 2003, the day after this current war began I watched as Representative Tom Latham voted YES on a Jim Nussle budget which would cut millions from Veterans' health care. That very vote set me onto the mission I am on today. I've worked tirelessly to help fellow veterans over the years.

Not long after, life took me to the beautiful European country of Austria. It was there where I met my absolutely amazing wife, Raphaela. I ended up applying for and being granted a temporary residence permit and resided in Austria for two additional years. My wife's grandfather is a retired politician, grandmother retired from the health field, other grandparents are farmers while my father-in-law is an immigration officer, and mother-in-law a professor. These just happened to be the hottest issues in American politics. I spent over two years firing away, like a human machine gun, with questions.  The fired answers right back.  I learned and lived like never before.

While in Austria, I lived under a wonderful national health insurance program, while as an immigrant myself was subjected to a serious and stable immigration system. I learned how education can be conducted progressively, how service to country can provide affordable college, and how a neutral country solves international issues without starting wars.

Here in America, my wife and I live below the median income. We are both enrolled as university students while praying every single day that we don't get sick as we are without health insurance. We drive an 11 year old car which has 114,000 miles on it, bare tires, and our check engine light has been on for over three months. We watch every penny, use coupons, and live month to month just like the vast majority of people right here in Iowa's 4th district.

It hurt me very much to realize that, as an average person, I could have a much better quality of life in another country. Folks ask me all the time why I didn't stay there. IT'S BECAUSE I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! I've proved it once by serviing as a Marine. I want to be someone who makes a difference in the lives of other average Americans. We are the majority, and it's time this country takes care of it's majority instead of these rich special interest terrorists. Yes, that's what they are, terrorists. What they do to the rest of us year after year is nothing short of domestic terrorism.

I am the ONLY candidate, including our current Representative, in this race with both domestic and international FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE regarding the issues which matter most to you.

You have a unique opportunity this year. You can do as many Presidents have done when something absolutely, positively needs to be changed…………..SEND IN A MARINE!

  • Foriegn affairs and terriorism experience

    this is why i love and support William Meyers (with an S). He has not been coropted with politics, but has the experience in foriegn affairs and terrorism that we all NEED and WANT in a representive.  We don’t need some big Money guy who has already been coropted. We need a person like ourselves, the AVERAGE guy doing what is right and needed for the AVERAGE citizen.  

  • Go William Go!

    Hey William,

    Bill Spencer here. Great Post!

    I really do believe that you are the best candidate in the race against Latham so far. You would be the toughest one for Latham to beat, hands down.

    Do you have your signatures in yet? Are you going to get them in soon if you don’t? We cannot afford not to have you on the ballot if we are to beat Tom Latham this fall. A few of my friends and I are worried that you won’t get on the ballot.  Friday is coming soon.

    I hope you are successful with your signatures and I look forward to you being the guy to beat Latham.

    Go William Go!  (With an S)

    Keep fighting for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your friend,

    Bill Spencer

    • Officially In

      William is officially on the ballot for the June Primary. Today, William, his wife and I stopped in at the office of the Sec of State and turned in his 2,000+ signatures. We then stopped in and had a brief chat with the Sec., and Senator Daryl Bealle of Ft Dodge.

      Things are deffently looking up for William and his campaign!  

      • WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!

        I look forward to voting for Mr. Meyers!

        I hope you vote for him too.

        Congrats on getting your signatures.

        I hope you take your aggressive campaign to those other Democrats this spring and summer and then to Latham in the fall.

        Most Democrats that I know are very excited about your candidacy!!  You are the candidate that is exciting the grassroots right now.

        Go Meyers (With the S!!)

        Bill Spencer

        • Onward

          I know William will be excited as I am to see your support and to hear that he has so many grassroot supporters. The uphill battle now begins in raising money to get his message out to all the supporters.

          We are also looking for more County Captains throughout the district. If you can spare an hour or two a week to help get out his message to the ppl in your area please feel free to contact William through his website and let him know.

          “we are NOT friends of Latham”

          Vote William Meyers (with an S) in the June Primary!!!

  • Terrorists?

    I’m not really buying it.  Some special interest groups, like the ACLU, are actually good for our country.  So, labeling wealthy special interests as terrorists is a little too broad and makes me wonder what you’re really talking about.  Some special interest groups, like the ACLU, try to serve a good cause.  

    Thank you for serving our country and making the sacrifice to do so.  Good luck with your election.

    • ACLU not "special" interest

      I’d say the ACLU is especially interested in one thing–protecting the Bill of Rights—but is better described as a general interest group.  It advocates for everyone who feels threatened by the government’s exercise of undue power over us.

      Special interest groups in my mind are ones that advocate for their OWN benefit above all else.

  • Latham is a downer

    Tom Latham has an abysmal record and deserves a solid opponent.  Tell us more about yourself.  Is your website up and running?

    • website

      is up and running, and has been for sometime now. He does his own web page design and operation and does not have it hired out, out of state to be done. Browse around and take a look, your sure to find what your looking for.  

  • I'm a William Meyers Supporter too

    I think he is a solid candidate, He has the drive to do it.

    • Thanks

      for the support, I know he will deffently appreciate it. I would like to talk to you, and anyone else who supports William.  You can contact me at  I am one of his Captains and I will pass on well wishes, along with questions/concerns  that he may not have had the time to get to via other routes.

      thanks again for u r support and lets all band together and get William Meyers (with an S) into Congress.  

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