A Progressive Democrat Wrongfully Under Attack

A Bush Democrat?  Is there even such a thing?   How could those within our Party attack a man who has stood with us for years?  The honorable man who has rode through the tough times as our lone Democrat and now is the leader in our congressional delegation? The man who is one of the most powerful Members of Congress in Washington?

Now I am no fan of Washington politics, but the truth is you need influence to get the job done.  Congressman Boswell knows how to get the job done and will continue to get the job done.  Why should we even think about contesting an honorable Democrat like Leonard Boswell when right in our backyard, Rep. Steve King is, well, being Steve King.

There is another reason — a few days ago I saw Leonard Boswell was awarded an “A” rating from the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy. No its not a Bush think tank, its a PROGRESSIVE think tank dedicated supporting and expanding the middle class and creating a more equitable society.

By attacking those within our Party who have been with us and fought for us for years is simply dirty politics — the politics that is looked down upon, the politics that divides us rather than unites us.   Let's not waste our time attacking our own and spend it more wisely looking to expand our majority in the Hawkeye State.

  • welcome!

    I’ve been waiting for some Boswell supporter to step forward around here. I hope you will keep posting. And if anyone from the Boswell campaign is reading, I hope they will send their press releases to me at desmoinesdem AT yahoo.com

    As you know, I support Fallon. This is not personal for me. I like Leonard Boswell and I think he’s a good person. I would say it’s a pretty big stretch to call him a progressive, though. I just can’t count on him to be there for me on many issues of great importance.

  • The Way the Wind Blows

    Sure, it’s easy to get a high grade when your party is in control and decides what comes up for a vote.

    But what about all those C grades from 2006, 2005, and 2004?  When Republicans were setting the agenda, Boswell could not stand up to them.

    And yes, there is such a thing as a Bush Democrat.  They back key Republican issues when push comes to shove.  They even have their own little caucus called the Blue Dogs.  They undermine progessive policy as part of their plan when they should be sticking up for us against corporate greed or government malfeasance.  Harkin doesn’t act like this.  Why excuse Boswell? Ed Fallon can do better!

    • I largely agree with you

      Unfortunately, Tom Harkin has also gone along with Republicans on a few issues that are important to me (like voting for the final version of the 2005 energy bill). But on the whole, his voting record is more progressive than Boswell’s.

  • What?

    Ed Fallon can do a better job???? I suggest you look into this guys record before you start making claims like that. If you know anything about politics in washington you know you need seniority to be truly effective which Boswell has. Fallon was voted the most ineffective member of the state legislature by his peers. He constantly contradicts himself between what he says and what he does. I would like to thank newtondem for supporting the good congressman. But lets take at look at the facts before you all decide to jump on board with fallon.

    • I've looked at the facts

      and we just disagree.

      Boswell has voted against my interests too many times. Also, I don’t support the proposed NE Polk County beltway, which is a project Boswell backs in his position on the Transportation Committee. I’d just as soon not have my representative trying to get those kinds of earmarks for the district. I have not seen much evidence that Boswell understands the need for greater balance in our transportation policy.

      Fallon has very consistent record on choice, labor and environmental issues. I don’t know why you say that he “constantly contradicts himself.”

    • How effective is he?

      If Boswell is so effective, he should be able to use his seniority and his position on the farm bill conference committee to maintain the ban on packer’s owning livestock.

      Do you think he can do it?  

      It’s in the bill because the Senate put it there.  Mr. Effective Boswell didn’t even try to add it to the bill when the House was voting.  But he says he supports it.

      I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

      Ed Fallon is no back-scratcher, you can be sure.  His fellow legislators wouldn’t back him for governor because he always opposed their corporate welfare bills.  Good for him.

  • Boswell is Great!

    I’ll vote for Boswell everytime. I have been watching him for around 15 years and love the guy.

    He always gives me straight answers, even if he knows I won’t like the straight answer.

    Boswell is a stand up guy and I hope he is compelled to hold an office in Iowa for a very long time.

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