County conventions open thread

Noneed4thneed is posting about the Marshall County Democratic convention over at Century of the Common Iowan.

If you've got a story to share about your county convention, I encourage you to comment on this thread or put up a diary here.

UPDATE: John Deeth has the story from Johnson County here (not many changes, as Edwards delegates did not realign):…

Noneed4thneed says the Edwards delegates realigned in Marshall County, and 90 percent of them went to Obama:…

There’s more info in this Iowa County Convention results thread at Daily Kos:…

  • Story County Convention Summary

    After the typical delays and arguments over procedure, preference groups were finalized.  

    Edwards lost about a 1/3 of his delegates to Obama, but maintained a viable group with 14 delegates to district.

    Clinton remained even and had around 20 delegates.

    Obama gained all of Richardson and the Edwards defectors and ended up with about 44 delegates.

    Each group had about 50% more volunteers to be delegates than spots available.  I left in the middle of the speeches (childcare expecting at least one parent back from the convention by 3.)

    Final convention endng with approval of platforms can’t be expected until at least 5 or 6 at the rate they were going.  

  • Was a delegate at Polk County.

    I was an delegate today at the Polk County convention. Hillary gained delegates here due to shortage of Edwards delegates.

    I was surprised at how well the Obama people and the Clinton people got along. DailyKOs needs to make note of that.

    The only tense moment was when Boswell spoke about Ralph Nader then Fallon came on apologizing for his Nader vote then attacking Boswell demanding he apologize for voting on the war, NCLB, and the Patriot Act.

    ALL the Clinton alternates were able to become delegates while 30 Obama alternates were unable to do so. They were seated as delegates as well (probably because of the lack of Edwards/Richardson/Clinton delegates).

    We saw Leonard Boswell, Tom Vilsack, Ed Fallon, Bonnie Campbell, Ako Abdul-Samad, Frank Cownie, Tom Miller.

    High profile campaign staffers were JoDee Winterhof and Theresa V(something). I don’t know who was there for Obama sorry.

  • Oh.. one more thing..

    Polk County delegate tally to go to district convention.

    Obama: 186

    Clinton: 106

    Edwards: 66

    • Polk County gains

      I was at the Polk County convetion as well.  If you look at the delegate projections from the caucuses and the actual final delegate counts in Polk Co., you can see that Hillary gained 7 and Obama 46 delegates.

      Did Fallon speak right after lunch?  I did not see him, but I was a little late coming back from lunch.

  • Appanoose County Convention

    Edwards country no more.

    First, the pre-convention numbers.

    Edwards: 31/5.68 (county con. delegates/ predicted state del.)

    Clinton: 17/2.12

    Obama:   10/1.83

    Bill R.: 2/.37

    It was clear right off the bat that a majority of the Edwards delegation had already moved on to other candidates.  

    At the time of the initial split into groups, viability was set at 8–and the Edwards group was holding steady at 10. The group seemed to be set on Obama as a second choice. They were lobbied by several prominent local people from the Obama camp, and one poor soul from the Hillary group who was told by the group’s leader to “get lost”.

    In the end, they group came to the idea that it wasn’t worth the trouble of sending one delegate to district and state when; A. They had pretty much all settled on their second choice and B. Any delegate they sent “would just end up switching there”. The remaining Edwards group moved en masse to the Obama camp.

    So, final tally:

    Obama:   33 county delegates/ 7 state delegates (+9)

    Clinton: 21 county delegates/ 4 state delegates (+1)

    Don’t hold to these numbers, there was a lot going on for a first time observer to follow… 🙂

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