Obama Gains Delegates at Iowa's County Conventions

Each of the 99 counties in Iowa held their County Conventions yesterday and Barack Obama cleaned up the number of delegates that move on to the district and state conventions.

Here are the results from the conventions…

Barack Obama: 52.1%
Hillary Clinton: 31.5%
John Edwards: 16%

It looks like pretty much every Edwards delegate that went to a new candidate went to Obama.

The final delegate count after the conventions is Obama 23, Clinton 14, Edwards 6.

To put this into perspective, Sen. Hillary Clinton netted nine delegates out of Ohio after her big win there, while Obama netted 7 delegates in Iowa, while Clinton lost one.

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  • Politico had Obama at 25


    so a net of 9 for Obama, equal to Hillary’s ‘huge’ Ohio win.

  • the role of Edwards delegates here

    seems to me to be comparable to the role of superdelegates in the nominating race.

    Neither Clinton nor Obama had enough support on January 3 to claim a majority of Iowa delegates. However, the elected Edwards delegates could choose whomever they wanted, and while about half of them stuck with Edwards, the other half moved overwhelmingly to Obama. That was their choice.

    This meant that in Appanoose County, where Obama was a distant third on January 3, Obama was able to come out of the county convention yesterday with a majority of delegates.

    All of this is perfectly in accordance with party rules, just as DNC rules allow superdelegates to choose whomever they like.

    But I repeatedly hear from Obama supporters that it would be “cheating” or “stealing” if Hillary ended up with a majority of DNC delegates because of the superdelegates.

    What is the difference between Edwards delegates in Iowa doing whatever they want and superdelegates doing whatever they want?

    • In a Box

      You put Edwards delegates in quite a box here.  Either they use their own judgment by jumping to a surviving candidate (which you implicitly criticize) or they sit on their hands pretending to represent their “constituents.”  How does that help?

      Or they wait for Edwards to tell them what to do.  Is that better for their constituents?  It makes Edwards the biggest superdelegate of all!

      Edwards made no effort to lead his Iowa delegates beyond a weak “stick together for me” appeal.  He has stepped aside to let history blaze its path.  

      With such a large shift by Edwards delegates to Obama on Saturday it’s hard to argue that it was a fluke.  I’ll bet  new caucusses held now would yield a bigger Obama victory than in January.  

      Superdelegates get to wait as long as they want before committing.  If they wait until June and then say, “Well, we know better than you,” I’d call that arrogant.

  • I am an Obama supporter

    And there is nothing wrong with how the rules are set up. Of course an Iowa county delegate has a lot less pressure to vote for the popularly elected nominee than the national super-delegates.

    I dont think many will stick with Hillary if Obama ends up with more popular delegates and votes

    Vote Fallon!