Boswell campaign: Fallon is "no Democrat"

I just got an e-mail from Leonard Boswell's campaign. It confirms my belief that they are very worried about Ed Fallon's primary challenge.

Most of the e-mail contains negative information about Fallon, including a lead paragraph citing Fallon's support for Ralph Nader in 2000 and a closing paragraph stating flatly, "Ed Fallon is no Democrat."

Positive information about Boswell makes up a small portion of the message, mostly near the bottom. It mentions that Knowlegis has ranked him the 135th most powerful member of the U.S. House, making him "more powerful than nearly 70 percent of other Members of Congress."

It also cites Boswell's endorsements from AFSCME, SEIU, the Des Moines Police Association, Des Moines Association of Professional Fire Fighters, and UAW, as well as his support from Senator Tom Harkin, Governor Chet Culver, Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge, Congressman Bruce Braley and Congressman Dave Loebsack.

The message mentions Boswell's loyalty to the Democratic Party twice.

I would like the incumbent to address his tendency of voting with the majority of House Republicans, and contrary to the majority of House Democrats, on issues such as:

the 2005 bankruptcy bill

the 2005 energy bill

permanent repeal of the estate tax

the Bush administration's warrantless wiretapping

weakening the right of habeas corpus

I would also like to know why I continually get action alerts from environmental groups asking me to contact Boswell about this or that bill, when Braley and Loebsack seem to know instinctively what position to take on these bills without getting a barrage of phone calls from constituents.

Boswell's e-mail also features an article by Chase Martyn for Iowa Independent: Fallon Faces Campaign Finance Questions (that link works, although the link in Boswell's e-mail was broken). I will write more about that piece in a forthcoming post about the financing of the Boswell and Fallon campaigns.

The full text of the Boswell campaign's e-mail is after the jump.

The top of the e-mail has a photo of Boswell with the slogan, "Standing up for Iowa. Boswell for Congress"

Dear [desmoinesdem],

As you know, Ed Fallon is challenging Congressman Leonard Boswell in the 3rd Congressional District Democratic Primary. You may recall that back in 2000 Ed Fallon endorsed and actively campaigned for Ralph Nader.  As a result of Nader's candidacy, our nation was denied the leadership of Al Gore, and left with eight years of George W. Bush.

It is extremely unfortunate that Ed Fallon would once again do something so irresponsible and divisive.  Challenges such as this, especially a challenge to one of Iowa's most loyal Democrats, is in no way good for the party.

Unfortunately, Ed Fallon has never acted in the best interest of our party.

Congressman Boswell takes all election challenges seriously and this is no exception.  This primary will enable Congressman Boswell to showcase how hard he is working for us and how effective he has been in standing up for Democratic principles such as increasing the minimum wage, making the single largest investment in college financial aid since the GI bill, bringing tax relief to working men and women, and finding solutions to our energy crisis.

Help Leonard continue his hard work.  Contribute Today!

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment.  These are perilous times; never have we needed Leonard's steady hand and sound judgment more than we do right now.  I ask for your support.  I hope you will give your voice, your resources, your vote, that together we might return Leonard Boswell to the United States Congress.


Scott Ourth

Campaign Manager

Boswell for Congress

Boswell for Congress Newsletter

In the News

Ethical questions have emerged surrounding Ed Fallon's leadership and work with the Independent Movement for Iowa (I'M for Iowa), an organization he established following his failed gubernatorial campaign.  Chase Martyn reports on the site Iowa Independent:

"But I'M for Iowa is not just a source of income for Fallon.  It is also an outlet to promote his congressional campaign through emails to its long list of subscribers.  Fallon denies that the business has been used for campaign purposes, claiming that "There is no connection between I'M for Iowa and the campaign.  I have been very meticulous about that."  But aside from the organization's political advocacy work on local and statewide political issues, Iowa Independent has uncovered two I'M for Iowa emails promoting Fallon's congressional bid."

-  Iowa Independent, Thursday, March 20, 2008

For the story in its entirety, here is the link:

Fallon Faces Campaign Finance Questions

According to a report issued by Knowlegis, Congressman Leonard Boswell is more powerful than nearly 70 percent of other Members of Congress, with a ranking of 135 out of 435 House Members.


Nurses, autoworkers, childcare workers, and state, county and local municipal employees have endorsed Congressman Boswell recently, calling him, "the best and most experienced candidate to represent Iowa's 3rd Congressional District."  The endorsements from AFSCME, SEIU, the Des Moines Police Association, Des Moines Association of Professional Fire Fighters, and UAW acknowledge his leadership and support for issues impacting our working families.  Congressman Boswell's efforts include raising the minimum wage, fighting for good jobs and affordable health care for all Iowans, and helping our unions grow stronger.

Additionally, Senator Tom Harkin, Governor Chet Culver, Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge, and his two Iowa House colleagues, Congressman Bruce Braley and Congressman Dave Loebsak [sic], are also supporting the Congressman.


Congressman Boswell has been hard at work raising the resources to run a top-notch re-election campaign.  However, this primary challenge has added to our need for finances.  Please join our efforts and consider a contribution before March 31.  George Bush won this district in 2004, yet Congressman Boswell has been beating Republicans here for the last several years.   Once again,  your support will make all the difference.

Ed Fallon is no Democrat.  Leonard Boswell has proven his loyalty to our party again and again over a lifetime of dedicated service to Democratic principles.


Or, mail a check payable to Boswell for Congress:P.O. Box 6220, Des Moines, Iowa 50309

Thanks for your support!  We will continue to keep you posted.  If you wish to contact our campaign, please call 515-883-2254, or email us at:

  • I got the email as well

    I can't imagine that this kind of approach is going to help Boswell.  

    • what struck me

      is that an incumbent has to be pretty worried to go hard negative on a challenger two and a half months before the election.

      I expected this kind of thing during the final two weeks before the primary.

      I wonder when there will be some public polling on this race. I have no idea where the candidates stand.  

  • I have no information

    on any kind of polling.  But Boswell's campaign must realize that turnout will likely be very low, and Fallon has a hardcore following that will surely show up.  It is the perfect set-up for an upset, especially for an incumbent as uninspiring as Boswell.

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