Just what the metro area needs (not!)

We've already got a small airport in Ankeny as well as the Des Moines International Airport, so why on earth do we need a regional airport in Dallas County?

This proposal would not benefit the community as a whole and would be a poor use of taxpayer dollars:

The first phase of the project is expected to cost about $25 million. Subsequent phases will add a crosswind runway. Airport authority members have said the first aircraft would take off no earlier than 2011.

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to pay for about 75 percent of the airport's construction.

The runway layout approved on Tuesday differs from those in several previous proposals. The main runway would lie on a north-south line to minimize the impact on neighbors, Hefner said.

Regardless, property owners and representatives from Dallas Center and Waukee reiterated their disdain for the project. Both cities have passed resolutions opposing it. West Des Moines has also decided not to contribute financially.

Adel is the only city in the immediate area to support the airport plan.

Waukee City Administrator Jeff Kooistra said an airport would provide little help to the area economy.

A few businesses would benefit from the Metro West Airport's construction, but it's not worth the cost.

For background information, check out this website created by Dallas County citizens who oppose the airport. The site could use updating, but the basic information is there.

  • Sounds like

    the same thing they are trying to peddle here in IC/CR.

    • I heard a few years ago

      that there is a trend of shutting down small airports and replacing them with "regional airports" (mostly funded by federal taxpayers).

      There was a proposal to close the small airports in Pella and Oskaloosa and build a "regional airport" halfway between those two towns on several hundred acres of prime farmland. I think Pella was the town that backed out of that plan.

      I don't see any economic benefit to closing small airports and building slightly bigger ones--certainly not any benefit that outweighs the costs.

  • Other sites?

    Do you know of any cities in the region that do want something like this? I imagine maybe Winterset or Perry could use the economic activity this might bring.

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